Eight things you can do – Take the Sydney Homeless Connect pledge

ACKNOWLEDGE: Let go of preconceptions, judgments and bias. The next time you pass a homeless person, greet them with a smile and connect.

TEACH: If you know how, offer to teach a weekly workshop and share your knowledge.

DONATE USED CLOTHING: Go through your closet and donate gently worn clothes.

EMPLOY: Hire homeless people at your company. If you’re not in a position to hire, ask your human resources manager whether there might be internship opportunities available.

MENTOR: Mentoring can provide valuable motivation and support. Having a positive role model can be very beneficial to a person’s social development, confidence and self-esteem.

VOLUNTEER: Spend time at your local homeless shelter or community kitchen. Volunteer at times other than holidays: early mornings, evenings or weekends.

ORGANISE A DRIVE: Collect toiletries, socks, diapers/wipes, non-perishable food items and donate them to a local shelter.

CONTRIBUTE: Find a shelter that needs financial help to meet utility or food costs and commit to a set amount every month. If not money, contribute a bulk food item instead.

Click here to take the pledge

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