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Are you looking to Volunteer? Donate? Below are list of organisations who would love to connect with you.



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  • Anna
    3:43 am - June 6, 2018. Reply

    To whom it may concern
    I would love to volunteer
    My only problem is l don’t drive & live in Bossley Park if there’s a shelter where l could get to in my area & volunteer l would be so greatful to help out .

  • Maliya
    9:57 pm - May 15, 2019. Reply


    When can we register for the Sydney Homeless Connect that is happening on 02/07/19 in Town Hall? I have been trying to find the register button for that day all over your website but can’t find it? I have been told that I can register around mid May but it is mid-May already as today is 16/05/19?

    Thank you very much.

    Kind Regards,