SHC Homeless Care Packs for a Christmas in July

On 3 July 2018 the annual winter event, Sydney Homeless Connect, will bring together thousands of people who are experiencing homeless or at risk of homelessness with services and support that they need, whether it be a hot meal, a haircut, a medical check or access to an agency that can help them take a step forward.

Sydneysiders, we need you to shine during the cold, rainy winter! Please donate an SHC Homeless Care Package filled with the bare essentials to help those who need it most.  Last year, we saw Sydneysiders everywhere get on-board to support this cause from individuals, groups of friends, workplaces, churches, meet-up groups, schools, etc. It was spectacular display of  “do some good for the sake of doing good”! Think you’re up for it again?! 

The SHC Homeless Care Packs are always a HUGE SUCCESS! Our guests are humbly surprised, grateful and it’s sure to bring out a few tears. These care packs are delivered to each guests, one-by-one, which gives us a few moments of ‘connecting’ that will be cherished.

In order to do it again, we need YOU! With more than 4000+ homeless guests from all corners of NSW expected to turnout for the day of Connect, it would be beautiful to offer each of them a small care pack made with love as a Christmas in July gift.

To help keep the Homeless Care Packs organised and consistent, please print out this Homeless Care Pack Checklist and tie or tape it to each bag. Your donated Homeless Care

Pack should be labeled specifically for men or women. Homeless Care Pack should be made using a reusable shopping bag (like a shopping bag from Coles or Wollies), a canvas tote bag, or a large Ziploc bag. The care packs will be handed out individually to each guest one-by-one as they enter Sydney Town Hall on July 3rd.

The SHC Homeless Care Packs must to be pre-packed, labeled and dropped off between May 28 and June 22 at 35 Lily Street, Croydon Park. 

If you decided to run a Homeless Care Pack Donation Drive at your work place or a local school, please let us know by sending in photos and a short description to

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214 reviews
  • Roeya Arzani
    2:27 am - April 26, 2018. Reply

    Hi, I was wondering where we drop these care packages off? Thank you!

    • Julie Fish
      12:42 pm - May 6, 2018. Reply

      Yes! I have just updated the post with the drop off details.

  • Beverle
    7:12 am - April 30, 2018. Reply

    You could perhaps contact Allianz Insurance in 2 Market Street. They may be willing to help.

    • Julie Fish
      12:43 pm - May 6, 2018. Reply

      Thank you! We have now found a drop off location. Updated details are in the post.

  • Vanessa
    10:35 pm - June 15, 2018. Reply

    We are trying to arrange a number of packs in my company but no easy way to get them to Croydon Park. Are there any alternate drop offs?

    • Julie Fish
      5:51 am - June 19, 2018. Reply

      Hi Vanessa,

      At this stage the only drop off location we have is in Croydon. We would love a drop off location in the CBD, but no one has offered one!

  • Kelly Marsden
    5:10 am - June 19, 2018. Reply

    Hi, it isn’t very clear if you need the packs to contain every item or you need to tick which items are included in each pack and the discretion is yours as to what you include?

    • Julie Fish
      5:50 am - June 19, 2018. Reply

      Hi Kelly,

      The ticket is a guide for what to include in each Care Pack. Could you please check off which items are in each bag that you donate? We’ll add the missing items from other donations to make a complete Homeless Care Pack.

      Thank you!